Future Projects

Harbor Country Hike & Bike Plan related Projects completed to date.

Red Arrow Highway - Harbert


Red Arrow Highway Northbound

Red Arrow Highway Northbound

The Red Arrow Corridor is a critical component of the north-south route of the Harbor Country Hike & Bike Path. It is notable for its inclusion in Bike America Trails as the route between Baton Rouge, LA and Sault Ste. Marie in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Considered the most critical part of Red Arrow Highway for the Bike & Hike Trail, this stretch of Red Arrow connects Lakeshore Drive to the south with Youngren Road to the north, and is the only portion of Red Arrow Highway in Harbor Country that must be used to bicycle or hike along the lake continuously. Complicated by a significant bend in the road that reduces sight distances for motorists, and hemmed in by guardrails as Red Arrow traverses as large ravine, limited shoulder space, awkward drain gratings, and high traffic speeds make this one of the most dangerous crossings in the network.

It is planned to widen both shoulders, relocating the guardrails to accommodate two eight foot bike lanes and at least one marked crossing to allow bikers and hikers to connect safely between Youngren and Lakeshore.

Path Location:  Red Arrow Highway between Lakeshore Drive and Youngren Road

Town: Harbert, Michigan


Youngren to Lake Shore with a Crossing at Red Arrow Hwy.
Red Arrow Highway NorthboundDevelop a widened shoulder and/or shared use path on either the NW or SE side of Red Arrow Highway. Provide a crossing on Red Arrow either at Youngren or Lake Shore Drive and pave the western most section of Youngren from the Railroad tracks to Red Arrow with bike lanes to the railroad.

Warren Woods Road to Lake Shore Dr. with a Crossing at Red Arrow Hwy
Red Arrow Highway NorthboundDevelop a widened shoulder and/or shared use path on the SE side of Red Arrow Highway and provide a crossing on Red Arrow Hwy. Improve the road intersection at Lake Shore and Red Arrow Hwy. so as to accommodate pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

US-12 - Grand Beach


US-12 Westbound

US-12 Westbound

US-12 is a busy traffic route between Indiana, New Buffalo, and points further in Michigan. High speed traffic with narrow shoulders makes biking and hiking a risky undertaking.

Completion of a shared bike and hike path separated from the road by more than ten feet would provide a safe and convenient route for users to move between Grand Beach and the relatively safety of the Wilson Road bike lanes, Lubke Road or the city limits of New Buffalo. These three possibilities are being pursued simultaneously with the intention of connection Grand Beach, New Buffalo, and a significant portion of the southern trail route.

Path Location:  US-12 between Wilson Road and the Grand Beach Railroad Crossing

Authority: New Buffalo Township, Michigan

Watkins Park
Develop paved trails within Watkins Park. This project will allow parity with the other jurisdictions and is a project that will be well used by city residents, the Apple Cider Century Bike Tour event that happens each year from Three Oaks and the residents within Harbor Country.

City of New Buffalo Loop Trail
The City of New Buffalo passed a resolution supporting the development of the “Loop Trail”. The trail is envisioned to run along Clay and/or Washington Streets which will connect the elementary school to the High School / Middle School and to the new city dog park. The trail will then loop back via Biddle Street / undeveloped city land to Jefferson Street. The loop will continue alongStromer Road to Sand Road and then reconnect along Lubke and/or the railroad to the elementary school.
The land at the end of Clay / Washington is also undeveloped but platted land and the thought is that the undeveloped streets will allow for a shared use path connection to the elementary instead of having to connect along Detroit Street. This project provides for multiple in-town connections and utilizes somewhat natural areas or at least undeveloped portions of the city for a more tranquil pathway system. The city plans on making major street improvements along both sides of Whittaker Street in 2014 which will also provide a central spine to connect for walkers and bicyclists.

Grand Beach
Red Arrow Highway NorthboundDevelop a connection along US-12 connecting Grand Beach Road to Wilson Road in the form of a shared use path. Wilson Road has new bike lanes that were just installed this past year thanks to the Pokagon Foundation. The plan is to extend this route to the Grand Beach road along US-12. Meetings are taking place with the County and the Road Commission regarding this concept. We expect to meet in early November to get a response from the local MDOT representative.




The proposed Pere Marquette Railside Greenway Trail features two non-motorized loop trails.  The eastern one would be a 2.4-mile loop trail that would start with a trail head at the New Buffalo Middle/ High School (along the Oselka Park trail connection to the Skate Park,) then travel to Sari Asher Memorial Park, then along the unimproved, wooded East Washington Street right-of-way along City-owned and CSX-owned green space, then Jefferson Street, then Whittaker Street, and then along East Clay Street, back to the starting point.

The Project also includes a second loop trail that would start with a one mile non-motorized trail along West Clay Street to connect to the Elementary School. An additional 2.4 miles of non-motorized trail along Lubke, Sand, and Stromer Roads would finish a 3.4-mile second loop.  There is a total of 5.8 miles of non-motorized trail in this proposed project, which would feature inter-governmental cooperation between the City of New Buffalo, New Buffalo Area Schools, New Buffalo Township, Berrien County Road Commission, and the Pokagon Band (Jefferson St. is also designated as an Indian Reservation Route because it connects to the Four Winds.)

One goal of the Project is to create a safe route for pedestrians and bicyclists to get to the Elementary and Middle/ High School.  The 2.4 eastern loop was designed to only have one motor vehicle road crossing to reduce the possibility of pedestrian/ bicyclist conflicts with motorists.  The western 3.4 mile loop does have pedestrians and bicyclists crossing seven side streets, but beyond that, there is only one other crossing, at Lubke Road, to get to the Elementary School.